Tuition & Fee

Tuition and Payment Policy

The Enrollment Agreement obligates the student and the school for the entire program of instruction.
The student’s financial obligations will be calculated in accordance with the school’s refund policy in the contract and this school catalog.
Registration, tuition and book/supply costs for each program are listed below.

The K-Beauty School is available at no charge and will be provided to each enrollee prior to enrollment.
The school will work with each student to determine the best financial arrangement to meet their obligation for tuition.
The school provides a voluntary prepayment plan to students and their families to help reduce the costs upon entry into training.
Details are available through the financial representative.

ProgramTuitionRegistration FeeSupplies BooksSupplies KitOthersTaxTotal
Master Cosmetologist (1,500 hours)$15,000$150$400$900$0$78$16,528
Esthetician (1,000 hours)$10,000$150$400$500$0$54$11,104
Nail Technician (600 hours)$6,000$150$400$500$0$54$7,104
Cosmetology Instructor (750 hours)$7,500$150$300$0$0$18$7,968
Esthetician Instructor (500 hours)$5,000$150$300$0$0$18$5,468
Nail Technician Instructor (250 hours)$2,500$150$300$0$0$18$2,968
*Registration Fee
  This is a non-refundable fee for administrative and office costs

Payment Method

Students must pay the required registration fee and tuition on or before the beginning of each session.
Tuition does not cover the cost of registration, books, and other related expenses.
Students are responsible for acquiring the Textbooks and Kits. Some courses require more than one textbook.

K-Beauty School accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • Personal Checks
  • Money Orders
  • Credit Card