Nail Technician Program


In the Nail Technician Program, students develop manicuring and pedicuring skills, nail art, wraps, nail tips, and sculptured nails.

After completing the program, students are prepared to take the state board licensing examination which consists of a written exam and a practical exam.

Nail Technician Curriculum

The complete Nail Technician program is at least four (4) months program and totaling five hundred twenty five (525) hours of training (140 hours of Level 1 theory + 385 hours of Level 2) shall be as follows:

Level 1

Nail instruction shall be provided by a licensed master cosmetology instructor. It is required for each student to successfully complete one hundred forty (140) hours of Level 1 training before the student performs clinical services on a client/patron.

For the purposes of this Rule, one (1) theory hour equals one (1) clock hour for the first one hundred forty (140) hours of training, which are intended to be theoretical in nature.

Nail Technician Performance Objectives

Acquire knowledge of laws and rules created by the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers. Understand sterilization and sanitation procedure.

The licensed nail technician will be prepared to seek profitable employment as a manicurist specialist, pedicurist, salon manager, salon owner, products demonstrator or nail artist.

They will be versed in all areas of Manicuring.

Educational Goals

Nail Technician program of study is designed to prepare students for the state licensing examination and for profitable employment, as a manicurist specialist, product demonstrator or nail artist.

Skills to be Developed

Use of proper implements relative to all manicuring, pedicuring, and artificial nails. Develop the knowledge to recognize the various skin conditions and disorders.

Acquire knowledge of analyzing the hands and feet, prior to all services to determine any disorders.

Develop the knowledge of safety precautions in use of manicuring, pedicure and artificial nails.

Attitudes and Appreciations to Be Developed

Be able to appreciate good workmanship common to manicuring, possess a positive attitude towards the public and fellow workers, appreciate honesty and integrity and have improved personality in dealing with patrons and colleagues.

Additional training will be given in the following subject matters

The student will learn additional information pertaining to professional ethics and personal hygiene to meet the employment standards of the industry, professional ethics, salesmanship, record keeping, sanitation duties, desk and lab assignments, salon management and ethics, resume development, job search, and job interview.

Licensing Requirements


In order to become a licensed nail technician in the State of Georgia, a student must fulfill the following requirements

  • Application showing the completion of at least 525 hours
  • The required examination fee
  • Copy of high school diploma or G.E.D.

The student taking the examination must pass the written and practical portions of the test with at least 70%. Failure to pass either section will require the applicant to retake that portion of the test.